About Bethany

Bethany Ramos is a children’s book author, editor, and blogger. She is a regular contributor to SheKnows.com. Her children’s book, There’s a Bumbie Under My Bed!, was published by Saturn’s Moon Press in 2016. She has also written a children’s book called Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti, published through 4RV Publishing in 2016. Her first chick lit novel, 5 Stages of Grief, was published by Black Opal Books in 2011; her second chick lit novel, Adventure to Love, was published by Soul Mate Publishing in 2013.

Bethany works as the Creative Writer for Cornerstone Home Lending in Texas. Bethany can be reached via Twitter or Facebook.

My Books

There’s a Bumbie Under My Bed!

There’s a Bumbie Under My Bed! tells the story of a boy who can’t go to sleep because of all the monster bunnies keeping him up at night. Told in the first-person narrative, the little boy delays bedtime, using his flashlight and hand to create scary and silly bunny shadow puppets on the wall. According to the boy, friendly, spooky characters like the Bumbie (bunny zombie), Were-bunny (werewolf bunny), Bunny-stein (bunny Frankenstein), and Count Hop-ula come to visit him in the night. At the end of the book, his mother comforts him to sleep by telling him to let his imagination rest — and put the flashlight away.

From Saturn’s Moon Press, now available on Amazon Prime.

Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti!

Christopher finds a kitten on his doorstep, which, to his surprise, grows up into a lion! Since Christopher already loves his pet, he tries to introduce him to his everyday life, much to the horror of his friends, family, and neighbors. Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti is a lighthearted children’s book for ages 3 to 6 that celebrates the special bond that all children have with animals.

Order on 4RV Publishing, also available on Amazon Prime.

5 Stages of Grief

Danielle thinks that the worst is behind her, but she couldn’t have been more wrong…

As a beauty editor of Denver’s hot new High Life magazine, Danielle Starkey didn’t have becoming a widow on her to-do list. Then nine months after her husband’s death, she discovers he booked a vacation with another woman. Suddenly, Danielle sees Adam’s death in a whole new light and has to get over it – for the second time.

Hit with the truth when she least expects it, Danielle brings a fresh, funny, and honest approach to the grieving process as she struggles through online dating, stalking her dead husband’s mistress, and, hopefully, finding the man of her dreams. With her stubborn and sassy best friend April by her side. Danielle refuses to let sleeping dogs lie. Will she finally face the truth about herself and her marriage? Or will she succumb to one of the five stages of grief?

Published by Black Opal Books, available on Amazon.

Adventure to Love

In a Bachelor meets Survivor-style reality TV show, twelve women are flown to an undisclosed location to meet the eligible bachelor Ky, a former boy band member and the privileged son of an LA plastic surgeon. After arriving at a beautiful resort in Bali, the women compete for a chance at love as they fight to win Ky’s affection.

Morgan, the blunt, down-to-earth, girl next door; Harper, a wannabe Hollywood starlet who is competing not only for her fifteen minutes of fame but to win enough money for breast implants; and Brinkley, the innocent, Jesus-loving Midwesterner who believes that she and Ky are a match made in heaven, must go head-to-head with nine other women on group dates and in challenges to stay in the competition.

What happens behind the scenes when a dating reality show goes awry?

Published by Soul Mate Publishing, available on Amazon.

What People Say

There’s A Bumbie Under My Bed! by Chick with Books

I loved it! Creative, imaginative and wonderfully illustrated, author Bethany Ramos along with illustrator, Emiliano Billai, gives us a peek into what lurks under the bed late at night when the lights go out… but it’s the little boy’s mother in the story that helps us learn how to deal with such a vivid imagination. I really thought it was wonderful at the end of the story that the mother tells her little boy, to “put your flashlight away and let your imagination rest. You’ll see your friends again tomorrow night.” It shows us that the Bumbie’s are really our friends and that we can bring them out to play another time.

Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti Review by Books, Dreams, Life

A wonderful children’s book to have for your children. A warm book that your children will enjoy with you. My son loves animal books and this one he really enjoyed it when I read it to him.

Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti Review by The Blended Blog

This is a cute book for little ones as they see the cat progress and grow each page for them to predict what might the cat become or what might happen to the cat, etc. As a teacher I look for these types of books to help the students gain the comprehension skills needed. Cute book loved it.

Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti Review by fuOnlyKnew

This wonderful little story is filled with beautiful, fun illustrations, and it has an important message. If you love something or someone, it’s hard, but sometimes you have to let them go for them to be safe and happy. You or your little ones will have a delightful time as you share this story.

Adventure to Love Review by Jersey Girl Book Reviews

Dating Reality TV fans, if you need a fix in between watching the next season of your favorite Reality TV show, then Adventure To Love is the book to read!

Adventure to Love Review by Theresa

Even if you aren’t into the genre, pick this book up and give it a try–you won’t be sorry. It’s a fun, easy, read that lambastes reality show competitions with a sharp wit–you’ll never look at shows like “The Bachelor” the same way again. A great weekend/poolside/anytime read!

5 Stages of Grief Review by A Cozy Reader’s Corner

I laughed reading the first line of this book, which always bodes well. It’s hard enough to start a book and instantly attract the readers attention, but to make me laugh out loud on top of that is almost impossible. Luckily, unlike other books I’ve read, this one kept its witty, realistic, and emotional approach as it followed Danielle’s reaction to her grief. One of the things I loved about this novel was its outrageously unbelievable yet totally realistic and understandable approach to grief. Since people handle grief in so many ways, nothing is completely out of the question, but Ramos takes a clever, witty and emotionally driven look at grief and it works!

5 Stages of Grief Review by Seriously Reviewed

Once you pick this book up, you won’t want to put it down. So, grab a copy, put on your favorite hoodie, cook up some Top Ramen, open your favorite bottle of wine and settle in for this unique twist on the life of a young widow. Join Danielle on her journey through the 5 stages Of Grief that lead her to bad dates, career jeopardy, her ex sister in law’s wedding and even to the hot beaches of Antigua. Who knows, you might just make a new best friend.

5 Stages of Grief Review by Tina from Bookshipper

What follows is a book that is loaded with, for the most part, humour. It is a story that is uplifing and encouraging – in which the female character does not shrivel up and die, but rather deals with life on life’s terms! I loved it.

5 Stages of Grief Review by Chick Lit the New Black

I think for a story what could have been all sadness and bitterness it was much different and better than what I expected. You’ll laugh at Danielle and April’s antics and easily relate to the characters.

5 Stages of Grief Review by Katherine Higgins-Andersen of Jersey Girl

For a debut novel, I commend the author on writing a chick lit novel that goes beyond the norm, and I would recommend all chick lit fans to add this book to their TBR list!

5 Stages of Grief Review by Unabridged Andra

I found Danielle to be extremely likable and she’s so relateable! It’s honestly like someone made a carbon cut-out of me, aged her about 10 years, and then just plopped her down in Denver. I swear, the way that Danielle acted and spoke and even obsessed about reality TV was like Bethany was spying on me and just wrote my real life on paper.

5 Stages of Grief Review by C. Porter

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I looked how the author gave a glimpse into the mind of several of the key players in this story. I read it from start to finish in a day, but that’s probably because it was so easy to read, and so captivating. I liked the plot twist…very unexpected! A wonderful story…keep pumping them out, Mrs. Ramos!!